Organisation Flow Chart

Director's Personal Section :

For the better Control and Co-ordination in the Zoological Park, a separate section known as the Director's Personal Section has been created and housed in the top floor of the Administrative Building. The section is headed by the Personal Assistant to the Director. Other staff in the section are driver and office peon to the Director. One Conference hall, waiting room, maintenance of computer network, telephones, are other responsibilities of the section.

Administration Section:

It is housed on the top floor of the administrative building and is headed by Head Clerk. The section has been further divided into two sub sections namely Account Section with one Accountant, one Clerk / Typist, one ticket Clerk and the Establishment Section with one UDC and one LDC to look after the Establishment and general correspondences. One office Peon has also been attached to the Administrative Section. A separate record room has also been attached with the administrative section for keeping all the earlier records, registers and files. As the Zoological Park is a joint venture of Govt. of India and Govt. of West Bengal, the Park is receiving the maintenance budget from Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India and Department of Forests, Govt. of West Bengal. The Zoological Park is still receiving some maintenance fund from Department of School Education, Govt. of West Bengal. The collection from the gate by sale of entry tickets and other receipts are also being ploughed back for maintenance and improvement works. For the developmental activities the Central Zoo Authority gives 100 % financial assistance on some selected items of the work like creation improvement and modification of animal housings, hospitals etc. , and 50% financial assistance on other developmental activities like creation of infra-structure, etc., Department of Forests, Govt. of West Bengal is giving the balance 50% on these infra-structure activities and 100% fund on other developmental works like staff housing etc.