Himalayan Tahr Conservation Breeding

The Himalayan TahrHemitragus jemlahicus is a large ungulate related to the wild goat. Its native habitat is in the rugged wooded hills and mountain slopes of the Himalayas from Central Asia to Northern Kashmir to China. Illegal hunting and habitat destruction are the main threats to the survival of the species in the wild. The Himalayan Tahr is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN and classified as a Schedule 1 species in the Wildlife Protection Act, India.

Darjeeling zoo is the participating zoo in the conservation breeding programme of this species, and Himalayan Zoological Park, Sikkim is the coordinating zoo.


3 pairs of H. Tahr were acquired from Okinawa Kids Foundation, Japan as the founder stock for the species. These two pairs gave birth to 8 individuals. In 2009 the Park received 3 more pairs from Okinawa Kids Foundation to continue the conservation breeding project. The Park currently houses 18 thar ((12:5:1).