Veterinary Section (off display)

PNHZ Park has a fully equipped veterinary unit located inside the Park with one Assistant Director cum Veterinary Officer, one veterinary compounder, one Laboratory Assistant and one animal keeper. The two-storeyed hospital includes a well-designed doctor's chamber, an inpatient ward, well-equipped laboratory, medicine storage room, x-ray room and an operation theatre. Isolation wards are located contiguous to the hospital.

The Park also has one small veterinary unit at Conservation Breeding Centre, Dowhill where a veterinary compounder has been posted. The Park has a history of excellent veterinary care and regularly conducts stool tests, blood tests, weight measurements, etc and has developed an excellent knowledge repository in preventive care. The veterinary unit has been upgraded with the latest and high technological equipment. They are:

  1. Net pulse oximeter
  2. Partial care unit for paediatric born
  3. Veterinary urine analyser
  4. X-Ray system portable. (DR X-Ray system vision-60)
  5. Micro centrifuge R-12C
  6. Micro Hemocrite rotor
  7. Fully automatic digital egg incubator
  8. Led OT light single dome
  9. Brisca fully automatic incubator
  10. Net launcher (Gun) kit CO2 powered with antibite gloves
  11. Deep freezer -70C with voltage stabilizer
  12. X-Calibre projector (Pneu-Dart USA)
  13. Portable X-ray machine

Fully automatic biochemistry analyser

Fully automatic biochemistry analyser

Centrifuge machine

Haemocrit centrifuge machine for packed cell volume

Operation Table

Intensive Care unit for infants

Upgradation of the veterinary section with advanced equipment

Portable X-ray machine

X-Calibre projector (Pneu-Dart USA)

Fully automatic incubator

Veterinary urine analyser

Net launcher